Annabel’s new book – an examination of the night brain and what it can do for us – available in the UK and US. Coming soon in French, German, Italian and Mandarin.


‘Abbs strikes a contrarian note by daring to extol and even ‘befriend’ sleep deprivation… as a pathway to self-discovery.’ The Tablet

‘Abbs invites the reader to lean right in … lyrical prose …and extensive research illustrate the value many women have found historically in embracing their Night Selves.’ Irish Times

‘A rich and revelatory exploration of the creative and liberating potential of the night, and a paean to the life-enhancing power of the dark. My newborn Night Self was left longing for more.’ Sharon Blackie

‘Beautifully written, wise, often poetic, and full of epiphanies… uplifting and inspiring.’ Virginia Nicholson
‘I thoroughly enjoyed Abbs’ exploration of sleeplessness, it gave me permission to celebrate my Night Self, it’s no longer quite so dark before the dawn’. Kathleen Hart

‘Beautifully written… this walk in the dark was an utter revelation.’ Kathryn Aalto

‘This book asks one of the most beautiful questions a Big Soul can ask herself: What if our insomnia was a wondrous, life-thriving thing? As a reader, we answer it together with weary but deeply fulfilled relief, yes, yes, it is!’  Sarah Wilson, New York Times bestselling author, This One Wild and Precious Life

‘A book to be read by candlelight,  it transforms the dead of the night into a place alive with feminine creativity, curiosity and self-discovery. You’ll find yourself longing for the dark.’ Tabitha Carvan,  author of This Is Not a Book About Benedict Cumberbatch

‘A beautiful book that weaves together science, storytelling and self-discovery. Soft, soothing and soulful.’ Nicola Jane Hobbs,  author of The Relaxed Woman